现在用TriExporter提取EVE出来的贴图不再是dd, n, pgs 的了 而是ar, no, pmdg(见图)

(当然有可能国服仍然在使用dd, n, pgs ,因为这次我是从世界服提取出的dds贴图)

不管怎么说 新的贴图更加让我摸不着头脑
把EVE的贴图在Unity里面重现一遍 在之前就比较蛋疼 我需要先用GIMP把dds打开 调整对比度和饱和度 输出为png 然后导入Unity 使用基本的Bumped Diffuse 这样基本能看出来是EVE的船(逃

看EVE的Dev Blog 对于新贴图是这么解释的:


We’ve moved the albedo maps, which work with the factional information to generate the actual color information for the hull, to inhabit the R, G, and B channels of a texture called _AR. The alpha channel is occupied by the Roughness map, accounting for the name of the packed texture. A and R together…PBR Bros.


We run the Normal Maps, X and Y, into the high quality alpha and green channels of a second packed texture for maximum precision. Then the Occlusion map fills the blue channel to generate the _NO texture. The red channel of this texture is as of press unused, though CCP Salvo is ever so excited to explore additional ways to irritate CCP Mankiller, so who can say what the future may hold?


Material and Glow, which also benefit from increased quality, are set into the green and alpha channels of a third packed texture, and the Paint and Dirt maps round out the red and blue channels. This final texture is appropriately named _PMDG.

尝试使用shaderforge做 大致是这样的: