About Orbital Epoch.


English Ver.
(sorry for my poor english)
I had posted my in-prototype-state space sim game to indieDB :-)
For now the game has the name "orbital-epoch", I may change it later as long as I think it is no longer cool.
It would take 1-2 years to make it, maybe more, considering modeling (all spaceships, stations, cities on planets will be modeled by me), texturing (UV, PBR stuff), Game Logic (for now I don't code, I use blueprint), Model Rigging, Sounds ,Animations and others will take lots of time.
For now the game's goal is making a game feels like the old "freelancer" game (free space, land on planets through a gate, combat with super big ships), on PC/Mac/iOS/VR platforms. More features will be added if I figured out how procedural generation works.
I wish I would get much time as I can, because there are college homework, out-source jobs ( else I won't have money to buy a workstation) and other things to do.


Orbital Epoch 会在我有时间的时候尽力去做 当然目前还需要解决一些问题 比如我要再接一份外包 然后用挣的钱去买台工作站 (MBP无论建模还是贴图都很吃力)然后我才能开始主要的开发工作